Tactical Training Classes

Tactical and Personal Defense

This class is focused on tactical and personal defense training. It will build on tactical application and increase your confidence level by enhancing your survivability through the use of firearms. 

From basic to advanced training, the course can be tailored to individual or group needs rather you are a civilian, private security and/or law enforcement.

Courses are 5 hours:

  • 1 hour classroom
  • 4 hours hands on at the range

There are no pre-reqs for basic classes however to attend advanced classes, you will need to take the basic course first. Classes for law enforcement can only be attended for certified peace officers. 

Cost: $125 per person including range fee

  • Nonrefundable full payment via PayPal is due one week in advanced.
  • Upon completion of course, you will receive a certificate 
  • Classes are held on any Sunday of your choice

Safety is our number one priority. Please take note of items needed for the course:

  • Safety or prescription glasses
  • Hearing protection
  • Pants or shorts at least to knees 
  • Closed toed shoes
  • Ammunition
  • Weapons
  • Other tactical desired gear
  • Please download and bring a Release of Liability to the class

With a decade of military service, course instructor Cameron, has six years of active duty army infantry training with multiple combat deployments. He spent four years as a government contractor. He is a NRA certified instructor and has extensive training in weapons and tactics.

Tactical Classes Available:

Carbine Class Alpha: 

Training will consist of stationary shooting stances, prone, sitting and standing, slow controlled fire, rapid fire, double tap, reloading, clearing malfunction. 

  • 100-150 Rounds
  • Carbine of choice
  • Sling
  • Spare magazine, at least 1

Carbine Class Bravo:

Training will consist of stationary shooting stances, prone, moving, threat assessment, multiple target engagement, reloading, clearing malfunctions, engagement techniques and integration of modified shooting stances. 

  • 150-200 rounds
  • Carbine of choice
  • Sling
  • Spare magazine, at least 1

Carbine Class Charlie:

Combines two previous training curriculums for a brief recap at a much faster pace with stress induced. Cameron will introduce the use of load bearing equipment, reloading and firing multiple targets on the move and under stress, and proper use of extra equipment.

  • 200-250 rounds
  • Carbine of choice
  • Load bearing equipment i.e. vest, plate carrier, chest rig, etc.
  • Spare magazine pouches
  • Spare magazine, at least 3

Other classes combined the use of pistol and carbine as well as shooting from in and around vehicles. Executive protection training is available as well. However, the latter classes are advanced and are only available to students who have completed the previous training and who are professional security or law enforcement personnel.


Cameron Mulka